Yoga, Meditation And Aerobics

Course Outlines

Go with the Flow

Introduction to flow yoga
Moon Salutations
Benefits of yoga to body and mind
Breathing awareness

Sun is shining

Sun salutations
Breathing awareness and relaxation

It’s all in the legs

Sitting postures
Standing postures
Breathing awareness and relaxation

Laid Back

The back bends
The wave breaths

Going down under

Upside down position
Playing with the balance
Square breathing

Riding the wave

Full flow class incorporating postures
Learning how to sit still
Relaxation with Visualization


It will enable them to

Learn the essential connection between meditation and energy
Concentration techniques for quieting the mind
Learn breathing exercises, Visualization and walking meditations
To calm body and mind

Teaching Methodologies

Indoor / Outdoor


Exercise Mats


Attendance 10%
Quiz/ Assignment 40%
Presentation 50%