Personality Developments

Course Outlines

Personality basics

Strengths and weakness
Body language and self introduction

Personality development stage 1

Communication skills ( effective listening, communication barriers, overcoming the barriers)
Building self esteem and self confidence

Personality development stage 2

Personality type on the basis of attitude
(Aggressive, Assertive, Submissive)

Personality development stage 3

Inter personal relations
Emotional management (Ego, stress, anger)

Personality development stage 4

Conflict management according to the level of conflict

Projecting a positive social image

Looking great and attractive
Voice modulation and public speaking
Social grace and etiquettes
Body language
Telephone etiquettes
Table manners


It will enable learners to

Be assertive, self confident, self awared and self managed
Aquire effective body language
Communicate effectively
Attain emotional control
Confidently express their opinions and needs

Teaching Methodologies

Indoor & Outdoor


AV -Aids


Attendance 10%
Quiz/ Assignment 40%
Presentation 50%