General Awareness

Course Outlines


Mainstream media, social media, print media, media ethics and laws, media and politics, mass media in Pakistan
Fundamentals of news reporting and journalism


Purpose of Humankind on earth
Why she is being created
How to endeavor this life
Achieving balance


Political theories
Main political body and its structure
Public administration
International relations
Foreign policies
World politics
Judicial system
Political history of Pakistan
Comparative political system of developed and developing countries
Comparative political system of Muslim world and west


Understanding societies
Social psychology
Social stratification and mobility
Political sociology
Social inequality
Culture/group and organizations
Social interaction and social structure

Rights and Duties

Socio-economic justice
Classification of rights and duties
Co-relation of rights and duties
Society and human rights
Protection and enforcement of human rights and duties

Health and Hygiene

The basics of personal health
Preventative health routine (physicals, immunizations and dental care)
Gender specific preventative health-females
Community environmental health initiative
Eating disorder


It will enable learners to

Be socially intelligent
Improve their quality of lives
Realize the importance of an ideological ground and integrity
Be alert to their country’s politocal happenings
Differentiate between the genuine and fake news
Know more about national and international agendas and interests
Efficiently play their roles

Teaching Methodologies

Indoor (Labs)


AV -Aids


Attendance 10%
Quiz/ Assignment 40%
Presentation 50%