First Aid & Home Remedies

Course Outlines

Assessing the scene and emergency system notification
Universal precaution
Injury assessment (Respiratory distress, choking, heart attack, stroke, diabetic emergency and seizures)
Workplace first aid

(Abrasion, laceration, puncture, wounds, Amputation)
(Burns, eye injury, sprains, strains, bites and stings)
( head/ neck spine injury, broken bone/ fracture, temperature related illness, exposure to hazardous chemicals )


It will enable students to

Conduct first aid treatment at workplace and home
Utilize appropriate treatment for the purpose of saving a life
Minimize the consequences of injury until the medical assistance arrrives
Prevent medical emergencies to occur

Teaching Methodologies

Indoor (Labs)


AV -Aids
First aid kit


Attendance 10%
Quiz/ Assignment 40%
Presentation 50%